In 2023, the focus shifted to individuals and their needs, on how they relate with their colleagues and on the (solvable!) problems that arise in everyday work. A different perspective from the one experienced in 2022, where the main theme was productivity.

Let’s discover together the most popular articles of the year!

#1 2023 trends

We started 2023 talking about sustainability, inclusive design, lounge spaces and data-driven design. These trends were confirmed over the months both by the market and the products we presented and released during the year.

#2 Pay attention to behaviour!

Working in an office means dealing with people, first and foremost with colleagues. Getting along with everyone is difficult, especially when there are repeated behaviours that we consider annoying or disrespectful. We collected the most common ones in a list.

#3 New products at Milano Design Week

As every year in spring, Milan opened its doors to the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone. The event was the ideal opportunity to present our new products to a selected audience and show our partners what’s in store for the future.

We collected the key points of the Milan Design Week in a short interview with Cristian Faggiani, General Manager of Frezza.

#4 There are chairs and chairs

It’s easy to say “chair”. When we have to choose office furniture, however, thinking about the aesthetics of a product is no longer enough: we need to analyse the environment and the needs of those who work in it.

In this article we gave some advice on how best to choose a chair according to its intended destination, whether it be a workstation or a meeting room.

#5 Work… but not the one that’s required

Do you ever find yourself spending more time than necessary on non-urgent or unimportant tasks, putting off more important and demanding projects? This is known as ‘procrastiworking’, a mix between procrastination and working. We delved into this topic and added some useful tips to avoid it.

What was your favourite article this year? Tell us about it in the comments!

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