2022 was undoubtedly a year of change: people finally started returning to the office, we experienced an economic crisis, we discovered new technologies and witnessed the many changes that took place in the world of work.

How did this year shape what we researched and read online? Among the pages of Landscapes, productivity proved to be the undisputed queen, with its constant presence in numerous articles.

Here is a recap of the last 12 months through the most widely read pieces.

1. Is it better to work alone or in a team?

Group work vs individual work: the pros and cons compared



Is it better to work alone or with others? It depends.

The post-pandemic return to the office has led many people to re-evaluate the way they work, aiming for greater productivity and ‘readjustment’ after a long period defined by remote work. There are those who prefer individual work and those who, on the other hand, cannot work without their team: as always, est modus in rebus (there is a measure in all things).

2. The pros and cons of the 4-day working week

4-day working week: pros and cons




We discussed the 4-day working week topic last year, but the project that was first pioneered in Iceland has started to be successful in other countries as well. 70 British companies have started the trial period, Japan is trying to use this concept to counteract the phenomenon of overworking, Portugal is considering it for 2023 and Italy is starting to see the first proposals. However, not all that glitters is gold: some tests (like the ones in Sweden) have led to mixed results.

3. How to improve virtual meetings

6 common problems in virtual meetings (and how to solve them)



We’re back in the office but haven’t abandoned video calls, which are an essential tool for connecting effortlessly with distant colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Technology and character traits, however, don’t always run as fast as work demands: in this article we’ve collected some tips on how to make online meetings more productive.

4.   How to deal with colleagues after making a mistake

What to do when you make a mistake at work



Mistakes happen to everyone: nobody is perfect. What makes the real difference is how one behaves afterwards in order to rectify them. Returning to the office has led many people to confront once again their colleagues in person after a mistake: in this article we’ve given some useful tips on this subject.

5.   2022 office trends

The 2022 office in 6 trends



We couldn’t miss a round-up of the year’s work trends, an article published in the last days of 2021 that has continued to gain popularity throughout the year. Month after month our assumptions were confirmed, evolving and laying the foundations for the year 2023. Will we be able to hit the mark again this year? In this article we’ve collected our predictions.

What do you think was the most interesting article of the year? Tell us about it in the comments.

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