Work and design are areas in constant evolution. Ever-changing needs, together with the continuous rise of new trends, shape a continuously evolving scenario. This dynamicity is defining the future of office space and is already laying the foundations for a very exciting 2024.

In this article we explore some interesting trends.

1. Energy saving: focus on light

The focus on a reduced environmental impact is reflected in the design of buildings that incorporate intelligent energy-saving solutions. More and more companies are investing in this, for example through WELL, BREEAM or LEED certifications.

The efficient management of energy resources and the implementation of green technologies are key elements, ensuring a sustainable, cutting-edge environment.

Lighting in 2024 will be one of the areas of greatest impact: from the use of LED bulbs to the development of new environments designed to make the most of natural light.

2. Collaboration areas: spaces for shared creativity

The enhancement of collaboration spaces becomes a priority, especially with reference to operative open spaces.

2024 from this point of view focuses on furniture: height-adjustable tables, task chairs suitable for different body sizes, visual aids (such as whiteboards and monitors) and noise-reducing elements, such as sound-absorbing panels, must be provided.

3. “Focus” spaces: the power of concentration

The balance between collaborative spaces and “focus” areas is crucial. The creation of peaceful, private or simply quiet environments enables workers to concentrate and perform to the best of their abilities.

The solutions can be of different types, according to the available space: from small meeting pods to offices that need to be booked or areas where loud talking is forbidden ( as in libraries).

4. Hotelification: comfort and inspiration

A few years ago people were talking about home-inspired resimercial style: in 2024 the focus will be on the hospitality sector, with the “hotelisation” of office spaces.

This approach aims to make the working environment a pleasant and inspiring place that welcomes and motivates talent. This may be achieved through an increasingly personalised management of room parameters, such as temperature and lighting, the use of high quality finishes or the access to concierge services.

In the largest and most structured companies, where lack of space isn’t an issue, we will also see more and more areas dedicated to people’s personal needs: nurseries or after-school care for children, gyms, lounge areas that can be used outside working hours (on request) and much more.

5. Adaptable layouts

Flexible layouts are the key to a versatile office environment. Modular and adaptable solutions allow spaces to be customised according to the needs of the moment, supporting an organic evolution of work activities.

2024 promises to be a year of extraordinary innovations, linked by a common thread: the needs of individuals. A near future that fully embraces our Design for evolving Humans!

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