5 office trends to keep in mind in 2024

Work and design are areas in constant evolution. Ever-changing needs, together with the continuous rise of new trends, shape a continuously evolving scenario. This dynamicity is defining the future of office space and is already laying the foundations for a very exciting 2024. In this article we explore some interesting trends. 1. Energy saving: focus […]

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How AI is revolutionising workspaces

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has opened the door to a new era in workspace design and management. This innovation is radically redefining office design, shaping the everyday experience of employees in unprecedented ways. AI is no longer just a futuristic aspiration. The transformative impact of AI in the workplace Artificial Intelligence has sparked a […]

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Pizza Hut: new headquarters in Mexico

With more than 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, Pizza Hut is the world’s biggest pizza chain. Since 1969, it has also been present in Mexico, where it skilfully blends the flavours of Italian-American cuisine with the more intense flavours of Central American tradition. On its 50th anniversary in the country, the company has decided […]

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