Putting people first is the most sophisticated

and intuitive way we know to welcome change.

Change is an unstoppable wave that permeates our daily lives both in the personal and working sphere.

In this context, Frezza positions itself as a promoter and active participant of transformation: the company doesn’t only adapt to the changing times, but is also committed to guiding and shaping this process of evolution by focusing on people and making them the driving force behind every transformation.

An entire chapter of the company’s first Sustainability Report, recently published, delves into this very topic, outlining all the activities that confirmed this orientation in 2022.

A strong and passionate team for a long-term vision

93% of Frezza employees are on permanent contracts and almost 57% have been working for the company for more than 10 years. In addition to those who’ve been with the company for decades, Frezza also has a growing number of “new recruits”: in 2022 the number of jobs increased by 5.88%, with a strong presence of under-30s.

For the company, retaining talent is just as important as attracting it. In order for this to happen, it’s essential to ensure a positive company climate where people can feel satisfied and secure.

An internal analysis showed that job security and the ability to reconcile family commitments with work demands are particularly important and appreciated.

Realising the potential of employees, however, also requires an extra step. Frezza is actively committed to this: the We.Do Academy for example, developed in collaboration with CUOA Business School, is a project that promotes the cultural and managerial growth of personnel through structured training courses.

In 2022 three paths were developed, which involved 56 people for almost 2,000 hours of training. The activity has always been supported by on-the-job training, both on a mentorship level and transversally between different offices.

Corporate welfare is an additional incentive: granted to all employees, it complements company policies to offer benefits that can be spent privately.

Last but not least, the inclusion and diversity factor. Frezza is committed to ensuring an environment that promotes fairness, guaranteeing its employees equal pay for equal roles, seniority and experience.

A shared plan for a common project

Frezza encourages an active involvement of its staff in terms of company goals through targeted strategic approaches.

Top management establishes a direct dialogue on a weekly basis with the heads of the various departments to outline guidelines and discuss results, which are then communicated to all employees. This approach encourages clear and participative communication and makes each individual feel part of a common project.

In 2022 the company also launched a training programme focusing on sustainability, which involved a heterogeneous group of 20 people from different company areas. This programme aimed not only to impart knowledge on sustainable development, but also to develop the necessary interpersonal skills required to adopt a green approach at both an individual and corporate level.

People in Frezza are the pillar on which the company bases its change and evolution. Only by putting them at the centre is it possible to think with a long-term vision, capable of improving everyone’s day to day life.

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