We’re in Via Russoli 6, in the south east of Milan. It’s a thriving hub of design, culture and creativity. We’re really close to IULM University and The Sign complex, a recently reclaimed 1950s industrial site, also overseen by Progetto CMR.

Our virtual tour takes you round the new headquarters of the well-known Milanese integrated design company, which were inaugurated in September 2019.

This project was conceived to become “La Casa Italiana dellArchitettura” (Italian Home of Architecture), a place that could ‘represent the professional work method and approach’ of the company, as CEO Massimo Roj, founder of Progetto CMR, stated in a recent interview.

An environmentally friendly approach

The design was created to achieve the LEED standard, which certifies environmentally sustainable buildings. Renovation work on its systems and structures was designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, via more efficient management of ventilation and climate control.

A question of style

The new Progetto CMR headquarters are the stuff of rock music fans’ dreams: the walls of the six semi-plane floors are decorated with huge murals of major rock legends. The stylized work of architect and artist Sergio D’Antonio is the connecting theme throughout the whole building.

Dedicated spaces, smart working and flexibility

The modern company is embracing the future, which in many cases is already here. Just think of those digital nomads, and their agile working, those teams who have always done remote working thousands of miles apart.

The Progetto CMR offices were designed so space and workstations could be totally flexible, with fixed and sit-stand workstations, soundproofed areas, personal lockers and privacy booths.

The timeless styling of the interior design elements reflects the needs of a work environment that transforms around the current project in hand and around the needs of every worker involved. The various shades and combination of models of the Emmegi YO chair, designed by Progetto CMR, are a perfect fit with the various rock-themed environments, ranging from the plywood shell stools with yellow painted tubular steel frames in the Canteen area, to the comfortable, elegant fabric-covered seating for communal areas. Yo is a versatile, multifunctional stool with a curvy, light design.

Progetto CMR-designed be1 collection desks were used for some more functional, operational areas. Efficient organisation of individual workspaces with these tables has been optimised and integrated with accessories and extras like hanging drawers, storage boxes and monitor brackets.

Lastly, there is no shortage of communal functional areas, like meeting rooms and the ground-floor Library, an attractive room dominated by a huge table and construction materials on its walls, a well-stocked newspaper library and information on major projects completed by the company.

This is building design to be admired in the full spectrum of its varied spaces.