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The concept of “sustainability” is connected not only to environmental awareness, but also to fundamental human values and a new understanding of the economy.

Frezza understands business as a positive force and a concrete and effective tool for creating lasting prosperity shared by the entire community. It means that the “total value” that we generate and distribute as a company always has an ultimate goal: to create more eco-systemic value than we take in order to function.
But how can we do so? By taking care of the local community and our territory.
Trust, fairness and transparency are the values that drive our economic performance for the benefit of current and future generations.

Creating and distributing value: from business “as usual” to a multi-stakeholder model

The real value produced by Frezza isn’t for the benefit of a few, but is distributed by the company throughout the territory: suppliers, employees, public administrations and solidarity projects, etc.

The concept of economic value distribution allows us to interpret our Annual Report in a way that transforms data from mere numbers into meaningful benefits and actions towards society and the territory. According to this multi-stakeholder perspective, in fact, the true wealth produced by a company isn’t limited to the economic result achieved at the end of the year, but the economic “footprint” it has managed to have within the community.

Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility is that of having a positive impact on people and the environment.

Some numbers

The economic value distributed by Frezza in 2022 amounts to more than 40 million euros (38% more than the previous year). The economic value distributed in 2022 corresponds to 96% of the economic value generated. Of the total economic value distributed, the largest share (80.6%) was allocated to suppliers and credit institutions; 15% to employees and administrators in the form of salaries, welfare, social security charges and severance pay; 0.2% to the central and peripheral administration in the form of direct and indirect taxes; 0.2% was re-distributed to the community in the form of promotions, sponsorships and charity.

Supporting local economic growth

For Frezza, the local reference context is the city of Treviso and the surrounding provinces.

More than 85% of employees live in the province of Treviso, an indicator of how effectively the company contributes to the economic growth of the area in which it operates.

As for suppliers, 61.34% of them are based within a 200 km radius. These data are therefore indicative of Frezza’s ability to generate positive impact on the context in which it operates.

Commitment to the local community

Movement is a metaphor and driver of evolution towards the creation of long-term social value. This can be summarised as the strategy that drives Frezza in defining its annual plan of collaborations and solidarity initiatives towards the local community.
Amateur sport, together with supporting the mobility of people with disabilities, are the two focuses of our company’s sponsorships and donations.

Ensuring trust

The policy that Frezza adopts towards its sponsors is characterised by co-participation and involvement, in order to share the most appropriate ideas and strategies. The aim is a balanced relationship between the company and its sponsors.

(Re)generating the future through a circular approach

In 2022, Frezza’s investments (amounting to almost 1.5 million euros), included research and development costs for the creation of new product lines or eco-design of products conceived from the outset to save on raw materials and minimise environmental impact.

Frezza is aware that the future can only be increasingly oriented towards a circular economy, i.e. a model capable of regeneration. With this in mind, our business plan for the period 2024-2028 includes major investments to support our roadmap towards integrated sustainability. These include production plant upgrades to improve productivity, energy efficiency, quality, supply-chain effectiveness and time-to-market.

These are important steps. Nevertheless, implementing circular processes and plants isn’t enough to embrace change. We need to rethink and redesign our products with a view to longevity, recyclability and reparability: these are the three key words that will enable us, through design, to be increasingly eco-sustainable.

We know that our journey towards the “fourth industrial revolution” is still long and that many challenges, commitments and courageous choices await us. But today we are more aware and have more tools and knowledge at our disposal to face change, together with those who continue to choose us and with partner companies with whom we share the same ethical, human and environmental values.

Change is inevitable. At Frezza, we’re ready to play our part.

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