With more than 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, Pizza Hut is the world’s biggest pizza chain. Since 1969, it has also been present in Mexico, where it skilfully blends the flavours of Italian-American cuisine with the more intense flavours of Central American tradition.

On its 50th anniversary in the country, the company has decided to renovate its look, opening in September 2022 its new headquarters in Querétaro, in the very heart of central Mexico.

The new structure, designed by Causa Arquitectos and commissioned by Food Delivery Brands, connects the headquarters to the production plant, in a total area of no less than 7,000m2 that also includes a Development & Innovation Centre, where new ideas and products can be developed.

With the new building, the company continues to grow in the territory, making its technological vocation and a strong focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility standards go hand in hand.

The design

The combination of production facility and corporate headquarters led to the choice of an industrial style. The concept unfolds around two basic elements: the polished concrete floor and the building’s exposed structure.

The entire façade is made of glass, a solution that maximises the use of natural light, making the environment more pleasant and avoiding energy waste.

Nature also makes its way into the interior thanks to vertical green walls, increasingly used in corporate environments.

These two choices, which play with the principles of biophilic and multi-sensory design, have a positive impact on people’s experience in the office, by stimulating the senses and combining efficiency and well-being.

Flexibility for everyday work

The design of the offices, which were furnished by Frezza in cooperation with the Mexican partners Espacio Intelligente and Progetti Ufficio, is based on a very specific need: flexibility.

In the modern office, teams and work patterns change frequently, spaces need to be transformed quickly, and common areas need to be suitable for work, socialising and relaxing.

The furniture chosen must allow full freedom of use during the working day, adapting to the needs of individuals as well as small and large groups.

The solution chosen for the headquarters of Pizza Hut Mexico includes open spaces equipped with individual workstations and stations for group work, private offices for positions that require more privacy, and meeting rooms that respond to the needs of different users.

The lounge spaces are totally reconfigurable: versatile environments suitable for many activities.

Some of Frezza’s best-loved collections were used for the project: Pop Easy, Pop Panel, Vogue, Louge Tables, Karl, Afina, Fedra, Yo stool, C 1.8, Madia, Metro and Stand By. Each element was chosen to fit harmoniously into the design, in terms of efficiency as much as aesthetics.

Another successful project in Mexico, thanks to the valuable collaboration with our partners!


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