Workspace design is an often neglected aspect of marketing and communication activities. Yet the creation of a strong, distinctive and recognisable Brand Identity is an important activity that touches all meeting points between a company and its stakeholders.

Employees are no exception and successful companies know this: Brand Experience is necessary in all places where the company approaches individuals, customers or employees.

What is Brand Experience and how does it relate to design?

Brand Experience is composed by the emotions, sensations and perceptions that a person associates with a brand. Implementing specific strategies, based on an target audience analysis, can help over time to see the brand in a positive light (Brand Reputation), improve its diffusion (Brand Awareness) and increase loyalty (Brand Loyalty).

But what does all this have to do with office design and furnishing?

The basic principle is very simple and straightforward: employees are the company’s first brand ambassadors. When they are comfortable in the office and feel connected to the company, they are more likely to talk about it externally. But to communicate well, it’s necessary to know the brand’s values and what differentiates it from its competitors.

At the same time, we have to remember how the corporate environment is a business card for B2B customers, employees and suppliers.

In a nutshell, “infusing” the company design with the core elements of Brand Identity has three main effects:

  • reinforcement of brand power through the incorporation of colours, shapes and messages into architectural and furnishing elements;
  • enhancement of customer experience through recognisable and memorable spaces that can be linked to other brand communications;
  • employee engagement, by including workers in company branding activities.

Creating a brand experience through office furniture means considering every detail, from the layout to the choice of colours, from furniture to lounge areas. Everything must be designed to convey brand values and create an atmosphere that reflects the corporate culture.

How to get started

How can you strengthen the brand experience through workspace design? First of all, it’s important to have a clear idea of the brand values in order to understand how to convey them aesthetically. Secondly, it’s important to consider the needs of employees and what changes or additions could be done to the environment to improve their office experience. Finally, it’s important to select the right materials and colours to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere.

Brand guidelines are a key element in this case, as they clearly identify the style and colour palette that should be followed when choosing furniture, accessories, plants and art pieces.

With effective office design, based on a brand and functional needs analysis, companies can create a brand experience that leaves a permanent mark on both customers and employees.


Cover: Krispy Kreme offices in Mexico City

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