Sustainability is one of the values that shape Frezza’s DNA: this true vocation takes a concrete form every day in the development of more efficient processes, waste reduction and in the choice of materials that embrace the same ideals.

The new fabrics that will become part of the 2023 range of finishes are an example of this: Oceanic (Camira), Time and Panarea (Fidivi) are three new entries that vary in design but share a sustainable origin.

Each of these fabrics boasts the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label. This certification, which is one of the most important ones on an international level, has guaranteed a high level of safety to consumers since 1992, with regard to substances that are harmful to humans. This certification is the result of a test that covers an extensive list of worldwide requirements.

Standard 100, however, is not the only added value of Oceanic, Time and Panarea: these three fabrics have a bigger “green story” to tell.

Oceanic by Camira

The name Oceanic is highly evocative: this fabric is in fact created entirely from recycled plastic (100% post-consumer polyester), which also incorporates waste found in the sea, such as debris and small bottles.

Camira collaborates with Seaqual Initiative, a group of individuals and organisations whose mission is to clean the oceans. Oceanic is a fabric made from 50% SEQUAL yarn: 2kg of textile material corresponds to approximately 1kg of recycled marine waste.

Aesthetically it features an intricate twill weave, which is a diagonal pattern that enhances the colour and gives the fabric elasticity and strength. The delicate and multi-tonal palette includes natural hues, pastel colours and intense shades, thereby meeting the needs of many different projects.

Oceanic also holds the EU Ecolabel certification, a voluntary eco-label that guarantees the product’s low environmental impact.

Time by Fidivi

Time is inspired by Nature and its four elements, which is reflected in the choice of colours and its low environmental impact.

This fabric is in fact produced with 100% recycled polyester yarns made from plastic bottles, also certified with the ICEA Global Recycled Standard. This insitute ensures the content of recycled materials, traceability, restrictions on the use of chemicals and compliance with environmental and social criteria at all stages of production of the textile material.

Time fabric is piece-dyed and has a melange-effect weave: this choice gives the fabric a greater depth of colour and a natural yarn look.

Panarea by Fidivi

Panarea is one of the first 100% circular products by Fidivi. This fabric is made of Econyl®, a regenerated nylon yarn obtained from the recovery of waste such as fishing nets, pre-consumer industrial plastics and take backs from the fashion world.

The purification process regenerates the nylon until it has the same qualitative characteristics of a fossil source material: this allows it to be recycled endlessly in a circular economy perspective.

Panarea uses Econyl® in a houndstooth pattern whose colours are inspired by nature and by the beautiful sunsets that one can see from the Sicilian island that bears its same name.


Sustainability isn’t and shouldn’t act as a brake on design creativity: even from waste, if recovered in the right way, true masterpieces of design can be born.


Cover: Oceanic fabric by Camira

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