After various lockdowns and the rise of smart working, working methods and workspaces have changed. In recent times, people are increasingly seeking open spaces and contact with nature. This is not just a reaction to the pandemic period but reflects an ongoing trend: for some time now, many architects have been integrating greenery and nature into their designs by creating outdoor workspaces.

Unlike in the past, this new generation of outdoor areas is less about escapism and more about adding new types of spaces where people can work and interact.

The modern office looks towards the outdoors

More spacious environments, natural light, fresh air: today’s requirements highlight the need to redefine and design working environments with an eye to the outdoors. The challenge is open: how can we design outdoor environments that have the benefits of fresh air and connection to nature that are also organised places designed for productivity and collaboration?

New spaces to be invented and furnished

We expect that in the future new buildings will incorporate these types of spaces into their designs. In the meantime, companies are increasingly enhancing terraces, gardens and outdoor areas to provide workers with comfortable outdoor zones where they can meet and work individually or in groups. In these new working environments, it becomes important to choose quality furniture solutions that combine design and comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

The advantages of a multifunctional chair for the outdoor office

With its minimalist design, the Ador multifunctional chair is the ideal solution for informal workspaces or outdoor meeting rooms. With its graceful proportions and ergonomic shape, it’s just as suitable for break areas and workcafés as it is for conference rooms or open-air offices. Made of glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene, it’s solid, durable and suitable for outdoor environments. Available in 6 vibrant colours, it fits well in gardens and terraces.

Flamingo tables for working outdoors

Round or square? The Flamingo table has the right shape for every outdoor work requirement. Inspired by flamingos balancing on a single leg, the collection features a central leg and 4 spokes. With different heights (48, 72 and 105 cm), the Flamingo tables can be placed in outdoor spaces either as coffee tables or waiting area tables, or as momentary workstations and a support point for informal meetings.

If the environment needs a touch of colour, the solution comes from the lounge tables, available in pastel blue, red-beige, yellow and grey green. Ideal for outdoor use, the tabletops are available in two HPL and melamine finishes, resistant to outdoor living.

In imagining and designing the offices of the future, we are faced with a paradigm shift: the workspace is less and less enclosed by walls or traditional set-ups but increasingly open to the outdoors and to creative, fluid solutions.

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