The transition to hybrid workplaces or 100% remote working is a growing trend: what seemed to be a necessity in pandemic times is now a concrete reality.

The benefits are many, of course, especially in terms of costs and psychological and physical well-being of the employee. However, there is always the other side of the coin to consider: what can be done to keep employees active and involved?

On these pages we’ve already talked about remote working and team spirit, as well as trust in virtual teams. In today’s in-depth discussion we shift the point of view to the manager’s side, with some tips on how to improve the involvement of individual team members.

1.   Make constant check-ins

Making sure your presence is felt doesn’t mean micromanaging, which is (almost always) a source of stress. Organise regular 1-to-1 meetings, where you can discuss workload, personal skill development and performance over a recent period of time.

2.   Use two way communication

Talk, ask, listen: the rigid hierarchical approach no longer works, especially in remote teams. Ask for feedback from your employees to improve work processes and the way people experience the corporate culture.

3.   Value (those who deserve it)

We all need to feel appreciated and have feedback on the work we do. According to Forbes, one of the reasons why people quit their jobs is because they feel ignored or undervalued by managers and employers.

Always try to give positive feedback to employees who have excelled in their activities, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

4.   Make information flow

A lot of communication happens naturally, perhaps when having a coffee break or at the reception when arriving at the office: as a manager, you should be the information messenger to those who are not physically in the same building. In this way you will avoid some people from feeling excluded and mistrusting of others.

5.   Support newcomers

Make yourself available to new employees in order to help them integrate into the rest of your team as quickly as possible.

6.   Be flexible

If your company allows agile working, try to involve all team members before scheduling meetings or live meetings.

7.   Don’t forget team building

If possible, organise group activities that include remote workers. In order to find the right activity for your group and increase team spirit, ask for suggestions from those involved.

8.   Make sure everyone has the necessary tools

The last point is the most important of the whole list, crucial both in terms of involvement and productivity. Hardwares, softwares, smartphones and incentives for a fast Internet connection: all your employees must have what they need to work as efficiently as if they were in the office.

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