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Companies with a good corporate culture are the ones that always achieve the best results in terms of performance and profit.

In these contexts people are more loyal and employee turnover is reduced, which is a factor that allows for significant cost savings, given the investment needed to research and train new recruits.

Building a strong corporate culture means acting on different fronts, ranging from communicating the company’s values to structuring the benefit plan for employees.

These include team building activities to improve internal engagement, which we’ve already discussed in a recent article.

The people involved in these activities are more creative, communicate more effectively, help each other and create close-knit teams, where confrontation is not a problem but an incentive for professional growth.

Team building activities should aim to develop these soft skills, starting from communication.

Some team building ideas to try

Here are some team building ideas, which can be customised according to the preferences and characteristics that make each company’s employees unique.

1.   Practical courses

Everyone likes to learn something new, especially if it’s not strictly related to their day-to-day work.

The possibilities in this case are endless and range from a cookery course to a mixology course, from a photography course to a carpentry course.

2.   Tastings

Who doesn’t like to taste new things? A series of tastings can help people find common tastes and interests, whether it’ s cheese, wine or other culinary products. Developing new tasting dishes together is also great because it requires creativity, teamwork and leadership skills. An interesting alternative to the classic company aperitif or dinner.

3.   Long-term challenges

Organise board game tournaments or the Harry Potter House Cup to fuel the general competitive spirit. People play alone or are divided into teams if there are many of them, for several months of the year: points are awarded according to a set of rules decided at the beginning of the challenge.

Bonus: this kind of activity can easily include remote workers.

4.   Sports and outdoor activities

This is a popular team-building activity that can be tailored to age, fitness and aptitude of your employees. To increase team spirit by combining competition and friendship, everything is possible, from a football match to a flag-stealing competition! An outing is a great way to reduce staff stress and an opportunity to bond and make friends outside the office.

5.   Indoor clubs

Some people like to read, some love movies, some don’t miss a MotoGP race and some play in a band in their free time. It’s possible to identify many common interests among employees. Why not create an internal club? In this way the company can promote itself by creating collective opportunities that are often not available to individuals.

6.   Team games

A team building proposal that requires leadership skills, logic and patience is a team game such as the Escape Room, in which a group of people are ‘locked’ in a room for an hour. The aim is to find clues or hidden objects and solve riddles to find the key that will open the door.

7.   Volunteering

When volunteering relies on the group’s professional skills and abilities to help a non-profit organisation or hospital, ideas and creativity multiply. Providing your knowledge and time helps to create a united and motivated group.


These are useful and fun experiences that will involve the team in acquiring transversal skills such as concentration, communication creativity and trust. The activity choice will depend on the people: as the diversity in the company increases, the possibilities and ideas will multiply.

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