We’ve come to the end of 2021. The pandemic has radically changed ideas about how the office should be: this year has seen us return to the office, learn to pay more attention to relationships between colleagues and appreciate interacting, even from different places, by adopting a hybrid work system.

2021 has transformed our working lives and has given us the awareness we need to look for a new operational collaboration method, both inside and outside the company, based on culture and technology.

During this year we’ve covered all of these topics in our Landscapes magazine: here are the most read stories of 2021.

#1 The design trends of 2021

Office design: how we’ll be working in 2021

In first place we find our first article of 2021: a round-up of design inspirations and ideas, in a short guide, dedicated to the year’s trends in the fields of sustainability, work reorganisation and safety!

#2 Some tips on how to build employee loyalty

5 strategies to retain employees (and attract new talents)

This year we’ve seen many changes in the world of work. What do companies that have managed to keep their workforce constant have in common?  In some cases, they’ve managed to retain employees. You’ll find some tips on how to build employee loyalty in this article.

#3 How to tastefully design a home office

Does a home office ruin the aesthetics of your home? Not if you follow these tips!

In many houses, the home office is an integrated part of the environment, with an appropriate design in line with the rest of the decor. In this article we’ve given some useful and inspirational tips to help you design at your best.

#4 How to recognize childish behaviour at work

How to recognise and avoid childish behaviour at work

We all have a colleague who complains too much, who always blames others for his mistakes or who takes offence at silly things. Sometimes we can be that person in the office too.

How do we recognise these behaviours? How do we avoid them? Read this article for some useful advice.

#5 The hybrid workplace

Are Hybrid Workplaces the future of office work?

In the top 5 articles of 2021, the topic of the hybrid workplace cannot be left out.

In this period of transformation the value of hybrid workplaces, where employees work both in the office and remotely, is now recognised. Companies will therefore have to learn how to effectively guide both on-site and remote workers at the same time. When we first addressed this topic, we were looking to the future: now this new formula seems to be a reality in many large companies.

What will 2022 bring? Surely a lot of interesting features about the office world.


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