The online world moves at a very fast pace, with no sign of slowing down, and has completely changed the way we live. We use the internet as our primary source of information, to share photos, seek inspiration and create a relationship not only with friends but also with the brands we love. For companies nowadays it’s imperative to have an excellent web presence. A good website has some features that lead to the following main benefits:


A website has the ability to give visibility to the company even in virtual places, where it can intercept new potential customers.

Having excellent sales points, a solid sales network and a well-known brand is no longer enough: according to Junto’s research, 93% of online experiences start from a web search, especially in the purchasing decision making process.

But how can you be visible in a world where anyone can open their own website? This brings us into a more technical field, which includes the SEO sphere (Search Engine Optimisation), social media, sponsorships and many other activities. Like in all areas of work, expertise and investment pay off.


Being present online means being accessible to customers, making service and product information available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It may seem excessive, but it’s not, especially for companies that interact with customers on a global scale from a single location: the website “breaks down the time zone barrier”. A website allows for a rapid update of marketing communication, enables you to test the liking of your products directly with consumers and encourages customers to provide their opinion or suggestion.

A question of credibility and safety

Would you trust a company whose information cannot be found on the Internet? Or a brand that is only present on social media but not through a website and a contact form?

Probably not, and you’re not the only one. A good website gives users peace of mind and security through in-depth content that is stable over time, developed to give concrete information and not to attract ephemeral attention, which often happens for example on social media.

In a world that moves at the speed of light, having a stable point of reference gives users a space to read and reflect, form an opinion and consolidate their choice. This is a very important factor, especially in cases of high economic value or business purchases, which take time.

The new Frezza website

From today, those who look for Frezza on the Internet will find a brand new website. Not a simple restyling, but a completely redesigned online presence with one goal in mind: make navigation an even more complete experience.

The launch comes at a time where digital interaction is increasingly important, but for Frezza it’s part of a wider concept. “We developed the project in line with our basic commitment, which is to encourage communication with our interlocutors, whether they are business partners, furnishing professionals or new users”. Shortening the distance between question and answer will be one of the functions of the new website, which in this task supports other communication channels, such as our Landscapes magazine and social networks“.

The navigation path is designed in order to reach information with the minimum number of clicks (or taps), easily compare solutions and, if necessary, acquire details and data sheets. The best way to check it is… by testing it! The new Frezza website is already online: you’re just one click away from it.