A company’s reception is the first point of contact for visitors, customers and employees. There is no second chance to make a first impression: the lobby must reflect the company’s image and identity.

It only takes a few seconds to communicate something, and the design of the space plays a central role in this.

But how can the design of the reception area be improved? In the following article we’ve collected some useful tips for creating a welcoming and professional environment that generates a positive memory in visitors.

Opt for natural lighting

By their very nature, neon lights are neither relaxing nor welcoming. If space allows it, having a reception with large windows to let in sunlight is a good idea. If, on the other hand, artificial light is needed, it’s advisable to opt for warmer tones (below 5500K). 

Create a focal point (and aim for minimalism)

Design the space so that the attention of those entering is drawn to a specific point, which is generally the reception desk. To achieve this it will be necessary to work on the lighting and the arrangement of all other furnishings, mainly tables and seating areas for waiting guests

In these cases minimalism is a winning choice: choosing a few high-quality elements will immediately give the impression of a cleaner, more organised and professional environment.

Choose light and bright colours

As we’ve often said, your chosen colour palette must be consistent with the brand image to immediately create a connection in the visitor’s mind. However, this is not always possible, especially if the colours are extremely bright or, on the contrary, too dark.

The important thing is to maintain the right balance so as not to “overwhelm” people. The use of natural tones, combined with brighter accents that recall the brand identity, helps to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, without losing sight of the corporate image.

Bringing nature inside

This is something we’ve often talked about, especially in the areas of Brand Experience, sustainability and multi-sensory design. Natural elements have beneficial effects on health, mood and productivity: the reception area is no exception.

Select comfortable (and functional) seating

In an ideal world, people would only have to wait a few minutes in the reception area before seeing someone, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. When furnishing this area, choose comfortable sofas and armchairs that are also suitable for longer stays. Provide coffee tables, USB sockets and a stable Wi-Fi connection so that visitors can also work comfortably in this space. Improving the design of the reception area is an effective way to create a welcoming and professional environment for all visitors and customers. Creating a functional and well-organised space, using eye-catching furniture elements, incorporating comfortable waiting areas and adding statement pieces are just a few tips to achieve this.

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