We’ve recently defined the lounge area as the “heart of the modern office”, an increasingly popular hybrid space with amenities and services, separated from the normal work area and dedicated to employees and external visitors.

The design of this area is therefore essential to create a place to relax, hold business meetings, receive guests or have lunch, but also to encourage spontaneous interactions and reinforce the brand’s identity to the outside world. If in the past it was only perceived as a waiting area (such as the hall or reception area) or as a crossing point, today it’s seen as one of the key areas of a company. In order to make this environment more comfortable, we have to focus on an original type of furniture and design, where the lounge chair is the main protagonist, available in an armchair, pouf or sofa version.

Including more informal furnishings in the office lounge areas isn’t only an aesthetic factor but can lead to other advantages that should not be underestimated.


1.   They promote socialisation

The atmosphere you perceive when you are sitting on a sofa or an armchair is quite different from the one you might feel in front of your desk or in a meeting room. The relaxed posture facilitates conversation (not necessarily work-related) and helps people form stronger bonds. Improved social relations have positive effects in a variety of productivity areas.

2.   They stimulate creativity

In recent years, with the digital revolution, the world of work has changed, bringing with it a series of cultural transformation processes. Managers have developed a new and more flexible working approach, driven by a common thought of collaborating in less formal environments, where the care and design of the surroundings foster the person’s well-being and creativity. The first stage of creativity begins when the mind is freest. A few minutes a day sitting on a sofa or an armchair in total relaxation, allows one to break out of rigid patterns and find innovative ideas or solutions, improving the creative thought process.


3.   They create new working spaces

By now we can all (or almost all) work anywhere, like digital nomads. But sometimes you just need to leave your desk for a short time to talk to a colleague, greet a client or meditate in a quieter place. The lounge area becomes a living, multifunctional and reconfigurable environment that lends itself to short meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Lounge chairs therefore become new workstations: more comfortable, more informal and more flexible (because they are not assigned to a single individual).

4.   They offer comfort to visitors

The difference in comfort between a ‘normal’ chair (however ergonomic) and a quality upholstered item, such as a sofa or armchair, is obvious. Placing lounge chairs in the office lobby makes welcoming visitors easier, leaving them with a comfortable and pleasant memory of the company and undirectly communicating the style and attention that the brand pays to its employees and guests.


To learn more about this topic, we recommend reading our guide dedicated to choosing lounge, meeting room and reception chairs.

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