When furnishing your home, would you choose the same chairs for the living room, kitchen and bedroom? The answer is most certainly “no”, and the same logic applies to the office.

Even though environments are becoming increasingly fluid and versatile, the choice of seating, as well as other furnishings, still has to follow certain “rules”.

Open spaces, home offices and operative spaces

Workspaces by their very nature require ergonomic seating that can be adjusted as much as possible to meet the individual’s working and physical needs.

The choice must thoroughly consider all aspects of the working day and the workstation characteristics. Some examples of questions to ask oneself when choosing:

  • Is this a sedentary job, in which one maintains the same position for multiple hours?
  • How much space is available around the seat?
  • Is the desk traditional or sit-stand?
  • Is the workstation individual or shared?
  • Does the environment require a breathable fabric?

The combination of these answers, together with others, will help find the best seating solution for each individual.

Those who use a height-adjustable desk, such as Pop Ad, may for instance work more comfortably with a height-adjustable stool that ensures comfort at all times.

If the workstation is shared (as in coworking spaces), a seat with many settings will not be necessary, as people would hardly use them to their full extent. In a home office, on the other hand, a highly customisable office chair is advisable, in terms of seat height, lumbar support setting, backrest tilt variability and much more. (We discussed this in detail in the the following article).

Executive office and representative environments

Executive offices and meeting rooms are real business cards for the company. Seating, compared to purely operative environments, requires greater aesthetic attention: comfort and elegance must coexist harmoniously.

Customisation in terms of design must be extensive and allow for the use of high-quality upholsteries and finishes.

The same applies to meeting rooms and visitor seating in executive offices: the guest must be able to sit comfortably, even for a long time, and recognise the company’s style in every detail of the environment.

Lounge areas and waiting rooms

When we move away from the purely work-related sphere, we open up an even wider range of possibilities. Break rooms, reception areas, waiting rooms and lunch rooms: the choice of lounge seating is an aesthetic and functional exercise.

You can choose armchairs, chairs, stools, poufs and more, as well as different materials, colours, finishes and sizes. The important thing is that the selection is, as always, based on the design of the space and the needs of its users. Creativity in these cases is a must, because every room has to reflect the company and its personality.


Are you planning an office and want to choose the most suitable seating for your project? Discover all of Frezza’s proposals, starting from the type of product or the environment you need to furnish.

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