The year 2023 begins with the renewal of a promise, which is to create design products that can adapt to needs that evolve over time.

The new corporate payoff Design for evolving Humans is based on this promise, and encapsulates in a short phrase the values that have shaped Frezza for more than sixty years. The brand has changed its look over time in line with evolving trends, but has never changed the three cornerstones of its DNA: focus, ambition and sensitivity.

Every product created by Frezza is the result of multi-faceted design, constant research in terms of design, elegance, cutting-edge technology and trends.

Conceiving a furnishing system is not a simple stylistic exercise: it means interpreting man’s needs within the space he inhabits, whether it be a workspace, a public space or a space dedicated to relaxation. The needs are constantly evolving in response to the increasingly rapid and sudden changes we are experiencing in the world we live in.

The last three years have been a clear example of this: at first, in the midst of the pandemic, there was a need for smart working furniture; when everyone started going back to the office, the demand changed, and lounge areas were one could relax where the main request.

All of these different design requirements have been accompanied by a growing sensitivity to environmental issues, an awareness that Frezza has long made its own, through a rigorous internal policy in terms of sustainable production processes and selection of raw materials.

Each product encapsulates all of these elements: attention to human evolution, sensitivity to what is happening around us and a desire to satisfy every need with elegance.

The company’s new corporate image, which is a natural development of the renewed payoff, will visually express these new guidelines by putting people first: Frezza will once again interpret their desires, emotions and needs.

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