Milanese people can live and work in a magical place between Piazza Cordusio and Castello Sforzesco, which is part of the historical and financial heart of the city. Precisely here, in Via Dante, the French real estate company Covivio has chosen to open the first Wellio Italian headquarters, an innovative concept previously tested in France.

Some people have defined Wellio Milan Dante as a co-working space, but it’s actually a pro-working reality, an evolution designed to provide a 360° service to companies. With Wellio, Covivio offers flexible working spaces, advanced communal areas and concierge services, all with extreme attention to technology, privacy and efficiency.

The co-working formula therefore borrows Covivio’s expertise in the hospitality sector, bringing luxury and services that have always been exclusive to hotels also to the business world. Through the reception and concierge service it’s possible, in fact, to take advantage of personal assistance (such as babysitting and laundry) and professional assistance (event organisation).

Covivio entrusted the renovation of the building to Caputo Partnership International, while Cristofori Santi Architetti was responsible for the interiors.


Elegance and functionality: offices designed by Frezza & Com-Varese

An ambitious project: Covivio needed an important space, not only as a location, but also as a surface area. This is where the 4,700 square metres of neoclassical building in Via Dante 7 came into the picture, which can accommodate today a total of 400 workstations, spread over 7 floors.

Each floor is inspired by a different architectural style developed in Milan in the ‘900s, and represents a homage to the city, to its twentieth century style and to the Poetic, Radical and Epic. The building is a unique environment concept that celebrates all artistic trends, and gives customers various experiences through design.

Frezza furnishings were chosen for this project thanks to their design and functionality, which combines comfort and flexibility to the use of the most modern office technologies.

In addition to co-working dedicated “hot desks” (shared workstations), customers can also make use of fully furnished private offices and communal areas, such as 6 meeting rooms and a library, bar, restaurant, rooftop area which overlooks the Duomo, phone box and even a fully equipped gym. There are also many functional spaces, such as kitchens on each floor and various relaxation areas.

The building, open day and night, allows you to use different types of Frezza Pop Ace operating tables and Alplus meeting tables, proposed through a ‘plug and play’ office formula.  The same concept has been applied to the common areas, where it’s possible to interact and compare with other realities through electrified lounge tables.

Experience is becoming more and more a fundamental element, an added value in the employer’s choices and in the selection of partners with whom to collaborate.

The environment represents a major element: reception, offices, meeting rooms and lounge areas play a key role in creating an atmosphere that can engage and make people more efficient throughout the day.

The choice of furnishings is therefore becoming increasingly more attentive and precise, because every detail counts.

Foto © Beppe Raso

Fit out contractor: Com-Varese S.r.l.