In this new edition of Frezza Partner Insights we interviewed Paolo Valsecchi, CEO of Com-Varese. The firm has worked for Covivio, a French real estate company, supplying offices for the new proworking Wellio Milan Dante headquarters, designed by the Cristofori Santi Architetti firm. We talked about this project last year in an in-depth article published in our Landscapes magazine.

  1. Can you tell us what the Wellio Milan Dante project has meant to your company and what challenges you had to face?

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about the professional path we proudly experienced in 2020 with this important real estate company, which is the result of thirty years of hard work by each one of my colleagues. In particular, I would like to thank Silvia for her support, Ketti for dealing with the commercial aspects of the project, Valeria and Ilaria for handling its technical side and Debora for managing the construction sites.

We were contacted by Covivio after a significant experience as fit-out contractors, thanks to the realization of the Prometeia Bologna Headquarters, where we had to equip 11,000 sqm of space. Our proactive experience was recognised in the office fit-out sector by advisors and consultancy companies related to our sector.

Studio Cristofori Santi’s propensity to immediately enter in to the project stimulated us to provide product solutions that respected the design choices. The project involved the supply of both standard and custom furnishings.

For the standard operative and meeting-room related furniture we proposed our partner Frezza’s products, for their reliability, flexibility, promptness and product quality.

For made-to-measure items, we had the opportunity to deal professionally with the studio, obtaining excellent results.

During the on-site installations we worked closely with the owner and the interior design studio to solve any issue that could have arisen from the complex renovation of the historic building in Via Dante, 7 – Milan.

The delivery and installation times were met for the inauguration, which was scheduled for 31st August 2020.

This experience has with no doubt highlighted the synergies and professional skills of all the parties involved, who worked hand in hand to achieve the shared common goal.

  1. How have space planning criteria and requirements changed in recent years?

For some time now, planners and entrepreneurs’ guidelines have been directed towards a new work mobility inside company offices.

Growing internationalization in our country has also implemented workspaces with a greater number of shared spaces and a more flexible privacy than the traditional one.

As a result, work becomes lighter but at the same time productive, alternating meetings in specific areas or, conversely, in alternative, less usual spots. These areas (sitting areas), alternated with private areas (Phone Booth or Dialogue Room) allow for more concentrated face-to-face relationships dedicated to crucial topics within work projects.

In the future I think there will be further small changes: large flexible islands will identify the work space by alternating break areas with meeting rooms and smart working spaces. These modular islands will be able to modify or replace the current open spaces.

In this way the market demands will change, and projects will require the use of self-supporting walls with sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels, alternated with diffusing, printed and reflecting crystal panels and, more specifically, with interchangeable ones.

In the new projects we’ll find lighting elements, air exchangers, ionisers, and partial but sound-absorbing and communicative covers.

My hope is that we can organise ourselves to complete the offer with professional consultancy figures who can support facility managers and designers.

  1. 1. The urban revolution of the Symbiosis project in Milan, also developed by Covivio, is to transform a historic industrial area into an innovative commercial and service district. How will Com-Varese support the balance and relationship between man and city? Productivity and quality of life?

The co-marketing agreement between Com-Varese and Covivio for the Symbiosis/Vitae area is part of a development with the prospect of bringing our thirty years’ experience in the office sector to the various tenants who will occupy the spaces. According to the different needs, we will try to propose appropriate solutions that take into account the new relationship between man and work in an area that was once industrial and is now projected into the service and research sector. We believe that the relationship with Frezza for office products and with Flex for visual communication can help to strengthen our space planning proposals in the face of current professional innovations, and make them suitable for new future challenges.

We’ll be proposing solutions to help people socialise better, using communicative and leisure related elements, possibly linked to a transversal aesthetic that evokes a domestic vision.

Future challenges in the tertiary sector will affect working hours and how time is spent, with commitments no longer linked to old management schemes but to achievable goals, even through company mentoring. The generational change will favour the hiring of young staff, brought up with new technologies, who will adapt better to the current working concept. Work breaks will become more frequent, conditioned by borderless international globalisation with different time zones. People will need to be able to enjoy their breaks in appropriate spaces, using sports, reading and relaxation dedicated equipment.

The new generation corporate welfare model used by American technology companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) will guide future service-related activities that require a longer stay in working environments.

  1. 1. The deep bond between Com-Varese and Frezza can be described with 3 adjectives. Which ones and why?
  • Professionalism – Frezza furniture stands out for its excellent quality/price ratio within the correct delivery times, and our day to day relationship allow us to maintain the necessary efficiency in line with the various problems we have to face together.
  • Innovation – Research and development of new products are a priority for Frezza. This guarantees that we have a partner by our side who is always up to date.
  • Trust, transparency and humanity are common principles that characterise our relationship.

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