For more than 20 years WORKSPACE Dubai has been one of the most important events in the Middle East for the office furniture field, providing a meeting point for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and customers.

The 2023 edition, focused on people’s well-being and on space optimisation to improve productivity, was bursting with new trends and concepts: we talked about it with Nicola Sacilotto, Frezza’s Regional Director for the Middle East and India.

After 13 years of absence, Frezza is once again taking part in Index Workspace Dubai. What motivated the company to take part in this 2023 edition?

Over the past few years we dedicated ourselves to identifying the best Frezza partners for each single country. Our goal was to represent our company for its business proposal, while also being open to the challenge of achieving important goals together in the future.

We are conscious that we’ve found the best partners the market has to offer. Today we find ourselves in a position to do something for them. Index Workspace was the ideal opportunity to present our new products and reinforce the strength of our brand, giving them access to important new opportunities.

What makes the market in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East in general so special?

The UAE and the Middle East are very competitive markets, where we contend with manufacturers from all over the world that offer very different products, pricing and commercial strategies. This fierce competition stimulates us every day to innovate ourselves, not only in relation to the product but also, and above all, in terms of sales and marketing strategy.

Trade fairs have always been a launching pad for new trends: what are this year’s trends that in your opinion have attracted the most interest and will shape the market in the months to come?

The most important asset for a company is human resources. Attracting and retaining talent, for a company that wants to grow, is an increasingly difficult challenge.

I believe that (re)designing the workplace with flexible, comfortable and above all reconfigurable solutions is one of the most important aspects for an effective approach to this challenge.

The office must be a place where people can come together and, in order for this to happen, we must create appealing spaces where people feel at home.

This year Frezza presented many new products, such as PAL 38/82, PAL Room, Alplus Sofa and Be.1 Nomad Table. What was the general feedback and which products most interested visitors?

Our stand generated strong interest and stimulated the attention of our visitors. I believe that the strong personality of our new products gave important insights. The common feature of most of them is that they allow workspaces to be designed with a distinctive identity that can embody the company’s values and brand identity.

How would you describe the days spent at the trade fair?

I would describe them as very intense but extremely motivating, because the dialogue with the visitors and their feedback and suggestions made us understand that we are on the right track. Above all, it gave us the motivation to keep setting ourselves new goals. Having spent intense moments alongside our partners has made us increasingly aware that we are truly like one big family.

We thank Nicola for answering all of our questions!

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