In this new edition of Frezza Partner Insights we interviewed Federico Zecca & Alex Broccoletti, administrators of Area Sistema. The company, based in Perugia (in the Umbria region), deals with office furniture and works with facilities throughout Italy, focusing on good service and prompt response.

Area Sistema has a young team, with an average age of 43, currently made up of the two partners and administrators, who deal with the commercial and design side, an administrative manager, a technical site manager and 3 assembly teams.

The 375sqm showroom is fully branded Frezza: the continuously evolving space includes a relaxation and meeting area.

In photo: Alex Broccoletti (left) and Federico Zecca (right)

  1. We’re increasingly hearing about design layouts that focus on people and their well-being. To what extent are your projects for industrial realities of different sizes influenced by this?

In recent projects we’ve been finding more and more common areas and relaxation zones located in the centre of the layouts. Today, these areas are the design fulcrum around which the commercial/administrative life of the company is built. We are increasingly noticing the need to create (where space permits) a sort of common square, where people can socialise and exchange ideas, to make work more pleasant and efficient.

Great attention is paid to comfort, viewed at 360 degrees. It’s important to positively stimulate all the senses of those who work, through targeted design solutions: carpeting and anti-reverberation panels for greater acoustic comfort, biophilic design, technical curtains to protect from direct light and heat, ergonomic and diversified workstations (with elevating desks and dynamic armchairs) and colours and wallpapers chosen to make the environment in which we spend most of our time more pleasant.

  1. What is the impact of new technologies in the daily space planning work?

These two elements represent a combination that evolves at the same pace: without new technologies there can be no up-to-date modern space planning.

Let’s take a recent project as an example: 5 meeting rooms with 6 seats each, evenly distributed but far apart.

In the past, the client would have had to assign the management of the appointments in the meeting rooms to an internal user, as an extra task in addition to his own work and with the risk of causing inconvenience or overlapping. This could have become a problem, because the customer would have required the reconfiguration of the meeting rooms into new workplaces after a short time.

Today, thanks to technology and interconnection, booking meeting rooms is simple and dynamic: everyone knows where their colleague is and can use the common areas without difficulty.

  1. How do you manage to meet the needs of a large and diverse client base, ranging from private individuals to multinationals?

With flexibility and by choosing the right business partner. Frezza, in particular, has created a broad product range that allows us to manage various business situations, from the small entrepreneur to the large company, without losing quality or design. But above all they give us an important added value: the easy integration and creation of a complete offer, with simple steps and no uncertainties.

Whether the customer is small or large, the requirements are the same: they demand quality, a competitive price in line with the market and a prompt and punctual service. We have been working on these 3 points for the last 12 years, trying to improve them and learn from our mistakes.

  1. Frezza and Area Sistema for sport. In addition to competitiveness and the quest for continuous improvement, what other values link two worlds that are so distant but parallel?

First and foremost, teamwork, which is fundamental and essential for success. One of our company mottos is: “Alone we go fast… Together we go far”.

Our great fortune was meeting Frezza at a time when we were both beginning a process of change and evolution, setting ourselves ambitious goals. As happens in sport, we decided to grow and toil together, to reach goals that were sometimes unthinkable.

  1. What is the basis of a consolidated partnership with Frezza? What are the 3 key words that describe your experience?

Respect, trust and fun. These are the 3 foundations of our business.

Respect is the basis of our principles, our daily relationships and all new and future relationships. The second aspect is closely linked to the first: there is no respect if you do not trust your neighbour.

The last, but absolutely most important of the three, is fun. We work by always finding a way to smile and joke. Smiling is very important because it stimulates chemical reactions that create well-being, whether it be with clients or partners.

This is why we chose Frezza as our main partner: these three key words are the basis of our relationship with the company too. Simple rules that make us feel part of the same ‘big family’ every day.

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