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Have you changed companies and you don’t know what to expect from your new colleagues? Certain stereotypes, more or less marked, exist everywhere in the working world.

It can be a negative factor if, for example, you do not like certain behaviours and have changed your job for that reason. However, being able to recognise the modus operandi of some people can help you to establish a positive reaction from the beginning.

It can be said that prevention is better than cure.

What types of colleagues are present in all offices? We have highlighted 10.

1.   The Workaholic

We talked about this in a recent article: this is a person who is always present, always busy, and always in a hurry. This is the kind of colleague who – in spite of himself – can also create anxiety in those around him by reminding them too frequently of upcoming deadlines and projects.

You need to approach him/her with a lot of patience: in case of need, he/she could be the best help you could ask for.


2.   The Latecomer

He/she is never on time. Often this type of colleague is indispensable for specific tasks, is a ” senior ” in the company or has a particularly close relationship with the supervisor. A positive “You will never be the person who is the most late”. Negative “You will be very angry”.


3.   The Gossip

Looking for gossip? You’re sure to find it here, both work-related and personal. Although curiosity may be strong, don’t get too involved: every word could be reported and twisted to others over and over again, quickly ruining your reputation.

4.   The Slacker

With great skill, he manages to work less than everyone else without suffering the consequences. He is a magician at avoiding new tasks and managing to discharge his responsibilities, especially around deadlines. Our advice “Try to keep track of as many e-mail conversations as possible”.

5.   The Whining

The temperature is too hot or too cold. Colleagues’ voices on the phone are too loud. The files delivered are not processed exactly as requested. Every occasion is a good opportunity to argue and complain.

In this case the only way to deal with the situation is to be very patient. Does the situation continue for a long time and delay the work? Talk to your manager to find a solution.

6.   The hungry one

He is the perfect colleague to turn to for a momentary attack of hunger and always has something in his drawer: a packet of crackers, a packet of sweets or a sandwich prepared at home. But not everyone likes them. The reason? Munching all day long can become annoying (especially for people on a diet).

7.   The Knowledgeable

He knows everything from how to reboot the company server to the best recipe for meat sauce. He has attended hundreds of courses, has as many certifications to prove it and seems to spend his days reading books or watching documentaries.

There is no point in engaging in a ‘know-it-all’ challenge: it is better to have him as an ally.

8.   The Profiteer

He never seems to have anything with him: paper tissues, a morning snack, a bottle of water or a headache pill. In this case, there is nothing to do but to set personal limits from the outset.

9.   The Indiscreet

This colleague often coincides with the Gossiper. This is the person who always wants to know everything that is going on around them, whether it is work or personal news. They never shy away from asking a question, even if it may be indiscreet and not very empathetic. The only way is to establish boundaries in the interpersonal relationship right from the beginning.

10.  The Health nut

From training to diet, this colleague is virtue made flesh, which in some cases can turn into a time bomb. A good example to follow only in the first phase, because after some time he will try to impose his lifestyle on everyone around him. What to do? Try to copy the positive habits, but run away if the comments become too pressing!

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