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Maybe you would have never chosen him, maybe you wouldn’t have exchanged a single word with someone like that, yet you find yourself having to spend many hours of your day side by side with him. Colleague, friend or foe?

Good relationships for a happier working life

Relationships with colleagues are an important part of the work experience and can make all the difference to the way you live your professional life. According to a BVA Doxa survey for Mindwork, the majority of Italian workers (as many as 85%) believe that general psychological wellbeing is correlated with wellbeing at work and vice versa, making it vital to find a way to feel good at work. This is where relationships play a key role.

Why it’s important to get along well with colleagues

A good relationship with the people you work with contributes to a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere with obvious positive effects on many levels.

  • Less work-related stress
  • Improved health and well-being in the workplace
  • Better psychological health
  • Possibility to take breaks during work and relate to others
  • Sense of collaboration and complicity
  • Better results

7 tips for getting along with colleagues

  1. Show interest

If you are genuinely interested in your colleagues’ lives, it will be easier to build a good relationship. Small things such as asking what they are doing at the weekend or remembering their children’s names are enough.

  1. Respect boundaries

Even if you have good chemistry, certain topics – such as sex, politics and religion – can create uncomfortable or awkward discussions. Best then to avoid talking about these things with colleagues.

  1. Try to behave appropriately in the office

Always maintain a correct and non-intrusive behaviour. Respect office hours and the basic rules of office etiquette.

  1. Choose a positive attitude

Avoid bringing personal problems and bad moods to work. If you maintain a positive attitude and a smile, your positive strength will help you to have good relationships.

  1. Don’t get involved in gossip and drama

Choose to stay out of the fray and avoid getting involved in intrigue and gossip. Your colleagues will appreciate your reliability and integrity.

  1. Talk about yourself but don’t exaggerate

Share information about yourself so as not to appear cold or disinterested but don’t go into too much detail.

  1. Respect your commitments and do your job well

If you come across as unreliable there is no liking it. The discomfort you can create with poor work performance will overshadow everything else.

He who finds a friend at work, finds a treasure

Often seen as unprofessional, friendship in the workplace is instead a value for the individual but also for the company. In fact, research by Gallup has shown over the years that friendships in the workplace increase productivity and commitment. Studies show that 2 in 10 employees have best friends at work and it’ s estimated that if that number rose to 6 in 10, companies would see 36% fewer safety incidents and 12% more profits.


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