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Most young people find it difficult to imagine a world before smartphones and, in general, we have all become accustomed to considering our mobile phones as an indispensable part of our days. Back in 2007, when iPhone launched, smartphones began a fast and unstoppable growth as they finally allowed a good web browsing experience on the move and offered many useful applications.

Mobile working for agile workers

Over the past decade, more companies have shifted to mobile phones to engage with customers and stay in touch with employees. This trend has significantly accelerated with hybrid working, as it requires a mobile and dynamic experience. Mobile devices and connectivity allow employees and contractors to complete tasks in ways that suit them best, as reported on a recent DXC Technology article.

We are all “freelancers”

As the tools of the trade change, so does the concept of the modern worker. People are discovering the “freelance” style as they adapt to the concepts of flexibility and agility, as work becomes increasingly about tasks or activities that are greatly facilitated by mobile devices and endless types of apps.

Why are companies increasingly moving towards a mobile-first environment?

The benefits of mobile-first for employees

1. Hybrid work management

In and out of the office and always on the move, most employees work in a hybrid environment. To organise their work, it is essential to have an app that allows them to book desks and rooms (Office Hoteling), plan attendance according to colleagues’ schedules and easily access company resources or IT support.

2. Improved accessibility to the hybrid workplace

Easier to access and more engaging, mobile apps offer endless possibilities. Workers can quickly respond to a message, check meeting times or book a room directly from their phone.

3. Collaboration and engagement

Mobile-first employees tend to interact more with colleagues and company initiatives as they are always up to date on the app with news and events and can share opinions through polls and surveys.

The advantages of mobile-first for employers

1. Close to Gen Y and Gen Z expectations

Generations Y and Z, representing 40% of the workforce, expect mobile-first experiences. Offering what they want can be a good strategy to retain and attract young people, especially at a time of Great Resignation.

2. Integration with other tools

Mobile telephones can be integrated with other business platforms and represent a complete hub that allows the scheduling of numerous activities, such as parking, booking and attending meetings or accessing company resources.

3. Increased employee participation

Organisations gain increased engagement and can also track and quantify levels of participation. Apps can be managed centrally even for exceptionally large organisations.


The mobile-first approach doesn’t represent an advantage just for Y and Z generations. All generations can benefit from it as it offers better accessibility and a healthier work-life balance.

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