Architect Marco Zito is a leading figure in the Italian design scene and is known for his innovative and versatile work. As a lecturer at the IUAV University of Venice and widely published figure over the years by leading design magazines, Zito always surprises with his vision, which interprets the present and projects it into the future.

All Alplus elements designed for Frezza fully represent this concept, bringing the perfect mix of versatility, flexibility and character to the office system (and beyond!). 

This year the collection has been further expanded with Alplus Lounge, which was previewed at the 2023 Design Week in Milan.

Alplus Lounge represents a new workplace paradigm and features an extraordinary combination of aesthetics and functionality. This sofa has a clean and essential design, softened by upholstered backrests and armrests, and can be accessorized with practical coffee tables and dividing cushions, which guarantee comfort and versatility.

The distinctive feature of Alplus Lounge is its modularity. The collection includes poufs, armchairs and sofas in different sizes, as well as a variety of modular elements that allow the creation of endless configurations.

In 2020, we interviewed Marco Zito to talk about the Alplus collection and reflect on the evolution of the modern workplace, including the integration of technology and accessories into furniture.

Today we meet again to talk about Alplus Lounge.

1.   Over the years, the Alplus collection has expanded, culminating in the creation of Alplus Lounge. Where did the inspiration for this product concept come from?

Alplus is a truly complete system that responds to the different project requirements.

The design inspiration was dictated by an urge to transform spaces, while resorting, at the same time, to a continuous and distinctive mark. The identity and recognisability of the system are pursued by a coherent management of forms and materials, capable of being configured in numerous combinations that respond perfectly to the various functional needs of the environment.

2.   Alplus Lounge represents one of Frezza’s novelties for this 2023. What environments is it designed for and what design advice would you give?

The environments that this system can furnish are multiple, and range from the office to hospitality, thanks to a wide selection of modular shapes, materials and accessories.

The only advice we would like to give is to take advantage of the high level of modularity offered by the collection, which enables endless creative freedom.

3.   A very high degree of modularity and an extensive range of customisation characterise Alplus Lounge: what types of modules are included and what, specifically, are the aesthetic and functional values of the various accessories?

Using the elements as a functional “pattern” is an added value for the designer; the modules allow the creation of finished environments. The wedge-shaped module that was presented in Milan, for example, creates a large circular space that is both acoustically and visually protected, thanks to the application of the high dividing backrest panels. The integrated cable management and coffee tables respond efficiently to the various functional requirements.

4.   Your partnership with Frezza has led to an extensive range of products that perfectly meet the needs of the ever-changing office environment. In your opinion, what are the key elements for a fruitful and lasting relationship?

The relationship between people, in every environment, is based on sharing.

The aim of a project is always to provide a solution to a problem, taking into account ever-changing and complex requirements. The process involves multiple choices, which have to be made together with the company.

The key to effective collaboration lies in this type of work approach.

We would like to thank Marco Zito for answering our questions once again!

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