Architect. Venetian. Visionary.

Marco Zito is a famous name on the Made in Italy design scene, appearing several times in the ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale Design Index annual selection. He is also a lecturer at IUAV University of Venice. His designs have been published in major industry titles like Casabella, Interni, Abitare, Domus, Ottagono, Auto & Design, Raum und Wohnen, Wohnen, Box, De Architect, ADI Design Index 2004, The Design Yearbook 2004 by Tom Dixon, Intramuros, Wallpaper, Diid, The Plan, Monocle, and Dezeen.

He designed Alplus, a versatile, flexible furniture system with a characteristic, distinctive design, for Frezza.

We interviewed him to get a detailed description of the product, from its conception to the features that make it unique.


What is the product user experience?

Usability and comfort are the core features of Alplus.

The system allows the user space to work, relax and meet others in a comfortable, protected and unique environment.

What inspired the product design?

The central element of the design was inspired by the solid structure of the bridges of Venice, spanning across wide spaces to reach even distant shores. In Alplus, this detail can be seen in the join between the legs and the worktop. It is made of a single piece of painted die-cast aluminium.

Does the collection reflect the needs of today’s worker?

The design was created out of a dedicated observation of new work methods and in response to user requests. Definition of the various Alplus system elements also took into consideration the constant requirements created in work environments, ranging from workstation areas to meeting rooms, waiting rooms and privacy areas.

Integrated technology is essential in an intelligently designed workstation. This is why the various Alplus system elements have power modules with various types of connections.

Ease of use is assured via a series of user-friendly accessories and complements designed to simplify daily work routine.

There are metal storage trays, movable elements like coat racks, magazine holders, two types of armrests (fixed and swivel) that function as temporary laptop stands, to freely hook onto benches and sofas, 2-, 3- and 4-way bench union elements to create corner arrangements.

What are the smart design features that make Alplus unique in its class?

Alplus is a modular system, with a modern vision of a wholly unique design. It includes desks, conference tables, benches, sofas, armchairs and storage elements. It suits any work area with style that integrates seamlessly, creating a high-end environment.

From workstations to relaxation areas: Alplus offers plenty of custom options to make it a multifunctional system that suits offices, hotels, airports and waiting rooms.

The sleek, soft contours of the entire collection are achieved via high quality manufacturing using the latest technology. The materials selected help create projects whose prime qualities are elegant details and perfection.

Another distinctive element is the aluminium structure, used for tables, storage units, benches and sofas.

Fabric upholstered mobile panel dividers hook onto seating backrests to provide both sound insulation and create defined areas within the overall layout design.

Could you sum up this design in a few words?

Alplus is the perfect blend of quality, comfort and elegance.

Marco Zito collaborated with Foscarini, Agape, Salviati, Olivetti, Falmec, Lavazza, Plust, Coin, Gruppo OVS, Electrolux, Casamania, Gruppo Danieli, Fila, Viabizzuno, Bosa, Saba, Bross, Bonaldo, Wonderglass, Frezza, Masiero, Arlex Italia, Pieces of Venice.