Celebra i 70 anni di Frezza, dalla nascita come mobilificio a brand di design globale. Scopri la storia, l'evoluzione e il futuro sostenibile.

From a small family-run furniture factory to an established international design brand: the historic Treviso-based company celebrates its 70th anniversary.

From the 1950s to today, between iconic pieces and innovation, Frezza continues to interpret the ever-changing contemporary office, and looks to the future in the name of circularity.

From the roots to the branches: the story of a dream made of evolution and tradition

This is the story of a family united by a great passion: design.
It was 1954 when Frezza founded its first workshop in the small town of Vidor, in the province of Treviso, specialising in the production of home furnishings.

This enthusiasm ran on the edge of economic recovery and, from the 1960s onwards, the company started producing on an industrial scale thanks to significant hotel contract supplies, while retaining its characteristic craftsmanship know-how.

The next step for the company, which was and still is attentive to the evolution of the social context, was to focus production on furnishing solutions for working environments.

Starting from the 1970s, Frezza became the interpreter of the varied and complex office world, whose spaces reflect the habits and lifestyles that have characterised an entire era. The company translates its dynamics and trends into solutions that are capable of satisfying the needs of workers and respond to a precise idea of design: the Design for Evolution that has always distinguished the brand.

This philosophy and entrepreneurial choice won growing market shares, imprinting character and personality on Italian and international workplaces.

All the way through to the 1980s, when the new luxury MUX executive desk became both icon of design and status symbol for managers of the time.

Frezza: the second chapter

During those years, the brand continued to grow and opened no less than four new offices in Europe (Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and Munich): this constantly developing international network created an increasingly rich partnership with designers, architects and creative people.

The second chapter began in 1992, when the company was acquired by the Doimo family. The success was immediate, and the intuition to combine forces and competences took the form of an extraordinary investment policy aimed at further enhancing the brand’s strengths, in the name of cutting-edge technology and design as a tool at the service of people’s wellbeing.
In the same period, the acquisition of Emmegi, a company specialising in office seating, completed the brand’s offer, making it even broader and more competitive.

Today the company is part of a holding company founded by the heirs of Ettore Doimo and shares, together with its sister companies, an important growth plan based on the development of 3 business branches (Furniture, Seating Solutions and Partition Walls) and a dense distribution network both in Italy and abroad (Europe, Africa, Middle East and America). But, above all, Frezza is an active observer of social changes, capable of designing workplaces that are born to evolve over time.

Unceasing research into materials and processes, together with collaborations with leading designers, place the brand among the most important players of the office furniture field, with its modular, ergonomic and customisable proposals that are designed to rethink contemporary offices in a hybrid and fluid style.

Among new people, ideas and projects, Frezza celebrates its 70th anniversary, underlining an approach to design that goes beyond the simple realisation of office furniture solutions and aims at interweaving creativity with social responsibility.

Circular design, recycled fibres, responsible materials and sustainable development models are the current drivers of Frezza’s production, whose purpose is to improve workplaces, today as in 1954, through the beauty of design.

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