Work Life

10 things that spoil office life (and how to deal with them)

Autocratic bosses and know-it-all desk neighbours are a classic, but the office complaints chart contains a weird and wonderful assortment of idiosyncrasies. Some people can’t stand corporate jargon in meetings and “thinking outside the box” is the most hated expression. Some people complain about colleagues’ poor bathroom etiquette or even get annoyed about their company’s […]

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New year’s resolutions for your work life? Here are 7 tips for seeing them through by the end of the year

Here we go again: new year, new year’s resolutions. Starting with work-related ones. You’re certainly not alone: according to the American Psychological Association, 93% of people set themselves a goal in January. It’s a shame, then, that half of us will have given up by February. An upstanding 19% of people manage to follow through […]

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The new life of the executive office

In the most dynamic companies, where employees and managers, rather than playing a role, are called to achieve goals, the office furniture interpret the new working methods, focusing on functionality. Is the executive office dead? No, it’s simply evolved. There’s been a rethink about the way management areas are organized, resulting in spaces that are […]

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