Idee di arredamento per una sala riunioni funzionale e di design in ufficio

Find out how to furnish an efficient and wellness-conscious office meeting room with designer solutions in both classic and modern styles.

How to furnish an office meeting room

The furniture of an office meeting room must be welcoming and functional in order to host conferences, workshops, internal company meetings or institutional meetings.

In a rapidly changing work environment, furnishing meeting rooms is a complex design challenge that requires special attention to ergonomics, well-being and space reconfiguration with versatile furniture designed to facilitate collaboration.

Furnishing ideas for a classic style office meeting room

Designed by architects Perin & Topan, the Ono collection of meeting tables is distinguished by its streamlined, clean-cut tops and volumes that elegantly conceal built-in cable systems.

With its formal elegance and fine materials, this system serves as a focal point when furnishing office meeting rooms in a classic style.

Ono is characterised by the solidity and elegance of its structure, combined with precious materials such as wood and leather.

All tables have wood, leather or laminate covered top accesses, with openings on both sides to ensure all users a quick connection.

Combined with the Ono meeting table, Key is the ideal chair for a classic-inspired meeting room, as it offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort.

Comfortable, elegant and wellness-conscious, the meeting version of the Key chair features the same distinctive, slim-profile design as the collection, but features a lower backrest.

Key can be customised right down to the smallest detail: from the bases, to the armrests, to the backrest. The end result is a chair that is tailored to one’s figure and physical needs, attentive to the preferences of each user.

Designed to help regain concentration and come up with new ideas, Key offers high levels of comfort thanks to its various devices: from the harmonic tilting device that allows a slight oscillation of the unibody, to the gas lift system and the automatic return device that brings the seat back to its initial position.

Fluid and enveloping shapes, soft cold-foamed polyurethane upholstery and a vast range of fabrics, leathers and eco-leathers complete the design, expressing the utmost attention to every detail.

Furnishing ideas for a modern style office meeting room

Designed by Marco Zito, Alplus offers a contemporary interpretation of the meeting table.
Its essential design, characterised by simple lines, emphasises the functionality of the product.

Alplus combines a taste for form with refined aesthetics through the use of innovative materials of the highest quality.

Lightweight and essential to the eye, the Alplus table features a die-cast aluminium structure with geometric lines and table tops available in various finishes such as glass, fenix or melamine.

Conceived and designed to offer a highly customisable modular meeting table, both in terms of depth and length, Alplus reflects the versatility of modern living and responds to the evolving needs of the modern office.

Jodie Meeting is the ideal chair for meeting rooms that require a modern and understated elegance.

Jodie Meeting is the ideal chair for meeting rooms that require a modern and understated elegance.

Jodie was born to offer a new dynamic seating experience and excellent comfort through the interaction of flexible and rigid elements.

The structure, light and sleek, is composed of a nylon frame (available in two finishes: black, simple and elegant, or a luminous white version) onto which a breathable technical mesh is fixed, available in 4 different colours.

To ensure comfort even during shorter moments of discussion and exchange of ideas, Jodie Meeting is available with a harmonious tilting device that allows both height adjustment and a pleasant, light swinging of the unibody.

The contemporary office requires a planning that goes beyond the simple organisation of space and selection of furniture.

If you want to rethink your work space and design a functional meeting room, discover all of our proposals from the Frezza catalogue or contact us for more information.

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