Arredare l'ufficio direzionale in stile moderno

Executive office furniture captures the needs of an ever-changing world.

Ergonomics, flexibility, customisation and, of course, design: the demand for a new understanding of the executive office, which goes from an isolated place to a space for team collaboration, can be found in Frezza’s proposals for today’s workplace.
This collection is the result of an analysis of the most recent organisational models in companies and professional offices that impose increasingly design-oriented solutions to respond to the cultural change of the new generations of managers.
In the most dynamic realities, trends embrace the transformation of the executive office into a collective and increasingly flexible space that invites people to enter rather than create distances.
A new working set-up that is reflected in furnishing solutions designed for spaces that focus on individual comfort, while ensuring re-configurability for communal use.
It is within this context that the multidisciplinary studio Stefano Boeri Interiors and Frezza found common ground on which to build a new partnership, giving life to the Mux70 collection presented in exclusive preview during Fuorisalone 2024 at the IBM Studios in Milan.

MUX70: the new executive office furniture concept designed for Millennials

Mux70 is a collection of executive office furniture designed to respond to the new vision of the contemporary executive office: not just a space dedicated to work, but a place that actively supports the health and well-being of managers.
The design was conceived to suggest new ways of using one’s workspace, subdividing the environment, marking out one’s rhythms and giving the manager the possibility to adapt his working day to his needs.
Collaboration, concentration and well-being: thanks to its modularity, Mux70 furniture is designed to accommodate a multitude of activities, whether they be professional or leisure.
The table, which becomes a desk, is equipped with movable parts that can be raised or lowered according to one’s needs, as well as featuring a service cabinet capable of storing and organising all the necessary equipment for doing fitness, stretching or yoga exercises during work breaks or lunch breaks.
The furniture line also includes a coffee table for the reception area, which allows managers to share informal moments with colleagues and collaborators, and an equipped boiserie that can be arranged as a partition to redesign the space according to daily needs.
A design approach that perfectly meets the needs of Millennials who are looking for a professional environment where work can increasingly be combined with moments of relaxation and socialisation.
Office executive furniture breaks out of the conventional boundaries of the traditional workplace, contributing to the creation of an agile system and a fluid and dynamic environment, which allows workers to move freely with their laptops and feel part of a working reality where connection is the only constant.

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