Design al front desk reception perfetta

Find out how to furnish a designer reception that reflects the corporate image and enhances the office experience for both customers and employees.

The reception is your company’s business card

In contemporary workspaces, where the focus on people and brand identity is becoming more and more important, receptions have evolved into a welcoming space that greets visitors and tells them something more about the company.

6 features of a perfect reception

To improve the design of the office reception, forward planning plays a key role. Here are the must-have elements for a welcoming entrance hall that consistently communicates the company’s image.

  1. Reception desk
    The reception desk is a focal point that draws the visitor’s attention when entering the company, which is why its design must be welcoming and consistent with the office style and interior design.
    Characterised by high-quality, customisable materials, today’s front desk is a multifunctional space that must meet the requirements of efficiency, privacy and organisation required by contemporary workplaces.

  2. Comfortable chairs for the waiting area
    More than simple chairs for the waiting area. Sofas and lounge armchairs are essential if you want to make people feel comfortable during their stay.
    Seating must be ergonomic in order to support posture and allow customers and visitors to work with their laptop and concentrate while waiting to be received.

  3. Lighting
    Lighting is an element that helps define the company’s image, providing continuity with the remaining work areas. If space permits, the ideal solution is to design a reception area with large windows that let natural light flow in.
    Depending on the needs, different types of artificial lighting can be included: floor lamps to give the room a more lounge-like atmosphere or hanging lamps for larger spaces. As far as light temperature is concerned, warm tones (below 5500 K) are recommended.

  4. Furnishing accessories
    In a truly comfortable reception, useful accessories such as tables, coffee tables and hangers are necessary, as well as furnishing accessories such as artwork, vases or lamps, which enhance the overall room perception and comfort.

  5. Natural elements
    Plants and green areas, as well as purifying the air, have a beneficial effect on mood, health and productivity: the reception area is no exception.

  6. Storage furniture
    A practical and functional reception needs storage solutions that efficiently ensure a tidy and organized space.
    Storage furniture and cabinets must be equipped with drawers and internal compartments to allow easy access to documents and working tools, as well as locking systems for privacy.

Vogue: a reception desk where efficiency and comfort reign supreme

The modular Vogue reception, designed by architects Perin & Topan, furnishes the office with clean and geometric lines, combining design with modern workstation functionality.

The reception desk is available in numerous finishes, as well as matt and glossy lacquers, for an elegant chromatic play of light and shadow that allows for a unique, made-to-measure design. All of Vogue’s lacquered elements, in fact, can be customised on request with colours from the RAL colour chart, allowing to create a reception desk that is coherent with all other furnishings and with the company’s corporate colours.

Vogue offers a new approach to hospitality thanks to its modularity that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Linear and corner modular elements can be assembled and reconfigured to suit the available space, allowing to combine reception activities with internal functionality.

The reception desk tops are equipped with top access, while the cable outlets allow easy management of electrical wiring underneath the work surface, ensuring maximum workstation efficiency.

The Vogue reception desk can additionally be equipped with 109 cm high storage furniture, melamine drawer units or desk height storage units.

The contemporary office requires planning that goes beyond the simple organisation of space and selection of furniture.

If you want to rethink your work spaces and design the best reception for your customers, discover all of our proposals in the Frezza catalogue (link) or contact us for more information.

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