le migliori sedute ergonomiche per l’ufficio contemporaneo

Versatile, ergonomic and design-oriented: office seating allows you to work in a dynamic and free way

Furniture is a demonstration of how much the workplace and the way of relating to it have changed, demanding ever more welcoming and easily reconfigurable environments.

The office chair is the pivot of increasingly hybrid spaces and is designed to guarantee maximum ergonomics thanks to the combination of technology, customisation and built-in adjustable mechanisms that encourage good posture and facilitate well-being.

A furnishing element characterised by harmonious shapes and dynamic colours, designed in every detail to fulfil different roles, ranging from concentration to interaction.

Transversal and hybrid, the office chair is able to fit into different operative contexts such as offices, multifunctional spaces and home offices, contributing to the creation of environments where everything is dynamic and in constant evolution.

Denzel office chair

Customisation and excellent ergonomics define the design of the Denzel office chair, which is designed to ensure the best possible posture for people who spend a large part of their day sitting down in various working environments.

Denzel is equipped with the innovative AMS (Active Motion System), whose flexibility ensures a high level of comfort during the working day and beyond. This mechanism, in fact, allows the backrest to move on two axes at the same time, therefore also accommodating the user’s oblique movements.

This technology, combined with the height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support, allows the backrest to adapt dynamically to the body’s movements.

Denzel is available with no less than four different mechanisms, two of which are self-calibrating, i.e. capable of automatically adjusting the seat to offer the best performance according to the user’s weight. This feature guarantees maximum adaptability and comfort, ideal for environments where the workstation is used by several people.

From an aesthetic point of view, Denzel is essential, thanks to the breathable mesh backrest designed specifically for office seating that is used for many hours.

Radar executive chair

Designed by studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, the Radar executive chair revisits the shapes of the Lounge chair that bears the same name, with a new look conceived for prestigious executive offices and meeting rooms.

A new executive collection is born from the union of technical performance and aesthetics, characterised by a unibody with enveloping and sinuous lines, for an elegant, timeless seat with unparalleled comfort.

Dynamic and attentive to well-being, Radar Executive relies on an iconic and essential design, able to guarantee excellent ergonomic performance thanks to its elegantly concealed mechanisms.

The seat is available in four different proposals, defined by the volume of the backrest, which can be high or low for the Executive version and low for the Meeting and Visitor versions.

The level of customisation is also high, offering a four-spoke base in painted aluminium or black ash, with or without castors, and two different headrest versions: fixed and height-adjustable.

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