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Feng Shui and office: design tips

With the COVID-19 outbreak many workers were quarantined at home for an extended period. This unexpected crisis saw the adaptation of a lot of home spaces into long-term home offices. If a return to the office is not foreseen in the short term, it may be useful to review home offices using Feng Shui to […]

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Working from home according to nature

The environment and smart working are words connected by a special relationship. People who work from home are doing their bit in the battle for the ecosystem by helping to reduce pollution linked to transport. And the environment is returning the favour, because of increasing opportunities for agile workers to benefit from contact with nature, […]

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How to design the perfect home office

Working from home isn’t so bad, whether you’re a freelancer or enjoying the perks of a flexible working arrangement. You get to avoid a lot of the downsides of office life, like battling traffic on your way to work, or the noise associated with an open-plan office. Along with all the pros, though, there are […]

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